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What our customers say

...so easy to use and so good to use. Best shave I have ever had you will not be disappointed.


Stuart M

Smooth, easy and very comfortable shave. Really glad I decided to ditch the multi-blade razors I used to use - no plastic being tipped into the environment either.


Donald R

First time I have had a safety razor. Gives a nice, close shave... Would definitely recommend it.


Lee K
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How much could you save?

Cost comparison Primal Shave, Gillette Mach 3, Harry's

What's in the Starter Kit?

Primal One DE Safety Razor Super Chrome Shark Razor Blades

The Primal One Razor and Blades

Shaving is an art. Our traditional razor with a single blade gives a crisp, clean, sharp shave.

Regular multi-blade razors can pull hairs and cause razor burn. Our single steel blade and moisturising shaving cream helps the traditional razor glide across your face and reduce irritation.

Our blades are better value than regular razor cartridges. They're environmentally friendly, zero-waste and plastic-free helping reduce single-use plastic waste.

Omega 13522 pure bristle shaving brush

The Brush

Our traditional shaving brush is crafted with style and character. Generations of men have used a shaving brush to prepare their skin for the perfect shave.

The brush is made of real boar bristles, which excel at absorbing water. Boar bristles are firm enough to lift hair from the skin to prepare for the perfect shave. Over time, the natural hair ends split to provide a super soft feel with a firm bristle support. Like a mature whisky, this brush gets better with age.

You'll use the brush with our shaving cream to produce a silky-smooth lather on your face, helping you get your best shave.

Omega Shaving Cream Tube (100ml)

The Cream

Our classic shaving cream with eucalyptus oil provides a rich, silky-smooth lather, making it perfect for producing a refreshing, clean, sharp shave.

Shaving cream helps to moisturise and nourish your skin, allowing our traditional razor to get to work and smoothly glide across your face. It’s the perfect partner for your shave, unlike many shaving gel cans which can dry out your skin.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

¹ Our savings claims are based on purchasing a subscription to Dollar Shave Club for four razor cartridges per month at £8/month, totalling £96 a year. The cost of replacing the Primal Shave razor blade once a week is less than £8 per year.