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The secret to preventing razor burn and bumps

Prevent Razor Burn/Bumps

Shaving is an age old practice, but the art of shaving has been forgotten. An irritation-free shave is all about how you shave, and the tools you use. The following tips are the secret to eliminating razor burn/bumps:

1. Use a single blade safety razor

Although considered old school by some, a single blade safety razor provides the best irritation-free shave. Adverts paid for by the shaving industry have tried to convince people that more and more blades are the answer. The reality is, multi-blade razors are expensive, and your hair can get caught in the blades, resulting in tugging, razor burn and irritated skin.

Primal One Double-edge Safety Razor

A single blade safety razor provides a crisp and clean shave with minimal to no irritation. People who suffer from sensitive skin find safety razors work for them, even after lots of different multi-blade razors have failed to live up to expectations. Safety razors are not only long lasting, they offer a quality shave at a much better value. Replacement blades are a fraction of the cost of multi-blade razor cartridges; you can pick up a year's supply for under a tenner (and they’re plastic-free too!).

2. Prepare your face properly

lathering up lather

The best time to shave is after a hot shower when your pores are still open and the skin is soft. If you prefer to shave pre-shower, prepare your skin with hot water or with a warm towel. It is also highly advisable to use good quality shaving cream, preferably with natural antiseptic ingredients like eucalyptus oil.

Omega boar bristle brush

A boar bristle shaving brush can be used to ‘lather up’. ‘Lather’ refers to the froth created when you whisk shaving cream with a shaving brush in a bowl or directly onto your face. When applied to your face, the lather allows the razor to glide over your skin and helps prevent irritation. The firmness of the shaving brush also helps lift hairs from your skin, helping you get a clean shave while reducing the risk of razor burn.

3. Use as little pressure as possible

hair follicles shaving razor prevent irritation

The beauty of using a safety razor is that they are perfectly weighted. The weight means you don’t have to apply pressure for a perfect shave. To avoid the tendency to apply pressure, hold the razor by the tip and at a 30 degree angle. Pressure only irritates the skin, so the weight of a quality safety razor really helps out here.

4. Shave with the grain

shaving safety razor with the grain close clean shave

For a clean and smooth shave, follow the grain while shaving. Not only will it feel great, it will also reduce the risk of shaving rash and ingrown hair. If the first ‘pass’ with the razor is not enough, lather up again (this is key, never shave without lather) and shave across the grain for a close finish. Don’t shave directly against the grain as this will increase the risk of ingrown hair.

5. After shave routine

steps to avoid shaving irritation

After shaving, calm the skin with cold water. Cold water closes the skin pores and removes any excess lather.

If you want to experience the irritation-free shave of a safety razor, the Primal Shave Safety Razor Starter Kit contains everything you need to get started.