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Most men don't know they can shave like this and save money

Vintage traditional shave

I’ll admit it, I’m a huge convert to traditional shaving. Just five years ago, I didn’t realise you could still shave this way. I had no idea safety razors existed. And yet now, I don’t know how I ever coped without one.

The problems with “modern” shaving

Before discovering safety razors, I searched high and low for the perfect shave. But no matter what I used, there was always some kind of issue. Regardless of brand, multi-blade razors would give me razor burn and bumps with ugly red welts across my throat. They left it sore and unsightly. My experience with electric razors was much the same. I rarely got a close shave.

It was costing me a small fortune too. My razors were mass-produced plastic rubbish with blades that cost twice as much as the razor. None of it made sense to me.

Picking up a traditional safety razor changed everything

It turns out generations of men knew a better way to shave and yet this traditional art seems to be on the verge of dying out. How did we end up this way? What happened to tools of quality that would last a lifetime?

Here’s what changed my mind.

Primal One Double-edge Safety Razor

You want to do what’s right. I want to take care of myself and the world around me. Why was I buying bits of plastic to be dumped in a hole in the ground? Because an advert told me to? A traditional safety razor uses single steel blades that can be properly recycled.

You want to spend money on what’s important. A traditional safety razor blade costs pennies. These days I part with maybe £7 a year on blades. I was spending that every month on multi-blade cartridges.

You want to look the part. Forget ugly razor burn and poor electric shaves that grow back in half an hour. Traditional wet shaves get close, look fantastic, and they do the same job day in day out. You know when the blade’s dull and you do something about it. No mucking around.

You want to feel the part. Trust me, it’s incredible. Pick up a traditional blade and within a week you’ll understand what I mean. This is how it’s meant to be done, and you know it.

You want to relearn a craft. Sometimes the old ways are best. If it was good enough for JFK and your grandad, surely it’s good enough for you. And you’re not alone today: rumour has it that Prince Charles and George Clooney are fans of a wet shave.

And you know what?

The change was easy

It felt like coming home to an old friend. Rediscovering the right way to shave was the best thing for me, my wallet, and the environment. There’s plenty of articles and video tutorials by men like you and me that know that this is an art we don’t want to lose, and frankly, the razor pays for itself.

Honestly, I’ve never looked back. Neither will you.

The Primal Shave Starter Kit has everything you need to get started.