Primal One Double-Edge Safety Razor

Primal One Double-Edge Safety Razor

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An irritation-free shave. Even on sensitive skin. Like no shave you've had before.
Cost effective. Replacement razor blades just 14p each.
No subscription. No contract. No tie in.
Eco-friendly. Our razor and blades are plastic-free.

Shaving is an art. Our traditional Primal One Double Edge Safety Razor with a single blade delivers a crisp, clean, sharp shave.

Regular multi-blade razors can pull hairs and cause razor burn. Our single steel safety razor blades cost just 14p each (purchased separately) and help reduce irritation.

New to wet shaving? The Primal Shave Starter Kit contains the Primal One DE Safety Razor, shaving cream, shaving brush and five razor blades. Everything you need to get started.


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We're so confident you'll love the Primal One Safety Razor that we offer our customers a 30-day money back guarantee. If you're not 100% satisfied, you can return the Primal One for a full refund, no questions asked.

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Kit S.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Primal One Double-Edge Safety Razor

Fantastic Razor, and so far Irritation free!

A Primal Shave Customer
Lewis J.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

A smooth face without cuts

I was hesitant to switch from Gillette razors to the double-edge razor from Primal Shave. I was scared about cuts, but so far it has been scare free and my skin doesn’t feel irritated by it like it sometimes does after using Gillette.

Budge B.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Improved my shaving environment.

After some 20 years, my old safety razor was showing signs of ageing and I felt I needed to treat myself to a new one. There's an interesting 'Independent' article ( in which they select 8 safety razors they feel are a cut above the rest. One of their selection was cheaper than the Primal One Double-Edge Safety Razor, but the Primal one looked nice and chunky; I opted for it. Good choice ... in fact, excellent choice. Simplicity itself to insert a new blade - just unscrew the handle from the head and put blade in place. Excellent shave - lovely chunky steel handle, shorter than my older razor's, but this actually made shaving easier ... I find manipulation of the head easier and more accurate. Lovely, smooth shave - the razor keeps the blade at the perfect angle to ensure hair is harvested but flesh is not cut. Absolutely delighted with the comfort and quality of my shave. Of course, in an era in which we have to face up to our environmental responsibilities, safety razors are easy to use, the blades are relatively cheap and can be recycled with other metal, there's no throwing away expensive plastic and metal bladed units, etc. - the advertising industry might sell you the idea that disposable, flexible heads and twin and triple bladed assemblies are the dog's ********, but a good safety razor is simplicity itelf and does the job perfectly well. The Primal One Double-Edge Safety Razor gives me a superb shave. And the bonus - the three pieces of metal which constitute the razor arrived in a small, padded envelope ... no packaging to fight your way through and bin, so good for the environment on that score (you can recycle the envelope). Superb product, excellent price - if I get less than 20 years first class service from it it'll be because of my own mortality, not any failings on the part of the razor.

Murray D.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Great shave. No plastic.

Good razor and Shark blades nice and sharp.

Andrew W.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Back to the future

I started shaving with a safety razor, so the experience of using this new razor felt familiar. It is heavier than the plastic throw-away versions and requires a bit of careful manoeuvring around facial features, but gives a good, close shave. I was pleased with the speed and efficiency of the service from Primal Shave. I think this is the way forward!

Berengere A.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Going back to the old skool

I was so skeptical about this product because I've been sold the lies of the larger shaving companies but honestly, it's so good! It takes a little longer to use than a Gillette razor, for example, and so far I have cut myself a few times but it's also he closest shave I've ever had, and I'm sure once I get the hang of it I've only used it twice) I'll speed up without the injuries! Plus replacing the blades is so much cheaper and there's no plastic involved so I don't have the feel guilty (plus I'm guessing my razor won't get mouldy f I leave it in the shower like all my other ones did).