Primal Shave Safety Razor Starter Kit
Primal One Double-Edge Safety Razor
Omega 13522 pure bristle shaving brush
Shark Super Chrome Safety Razor Blades
Omega Shaving Cream Tube (100ml)

Primal Shave Starter Kit

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Safety razor, blades, brush and shaving cream. Everything you need to bring a quiet art into a new millennium.

An irritation-free shave. Even on sensitive skin. Like no shave you've had before.
Cost effective. Replacement razor blades just 14p each.
No subscription. No contract. No tie in.
Eco-friendly. Our razor and blades are plastic-free.

Discover why generations have relied on the simple elegance of a traditional shave. Join a century of soldiers, artists, entrepreneurs, explorers – people of conviction, talent and passion – and bring a quiet art into a new millennium.

What's included?

Everything you need to get started:

    i. Primal One DE Safety Razor - Our traditional safety razor with a single blade gives a crisp, clean, sharp shave.

    Regular multi-blade razors can pull hairs and cause razor burn. Our single steel blade helps reduce irritation.

    ii. Five weeks worth of safety razor blades - Our blades are more cost effective than regular razor cartridges and they're plastic-free, helping reduce single-use plastic waste. Fifty week's supply of Shark Super Chrome Razor Blades can be purchased separately for just £6.95.

    iii. Omega boar bristle brush - Our traditional shaving brush, made in Italy, is crafted with style and character. Generations of men have used a shaving brush to prepare their skin for the perfect shave.

    iv. Omega shaving cream - Our classic shaving cream with eucalyptus oil provides a rich, silky-smooth lather, making it perfect for producing a refreshing, clean, sharp shave.

    How do I shave?

    Never used a traditional razor? You're in for a treat! We've included a guide in the starter kit, or view our tips online.

    Age restricted product - It's illegal for under 18's in the UK to purchase razor blades. By purchasing this product, you are confirming that you're aged 18 or above.

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    Claire H.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    Buy one now

    I wanted to wait until I was 100% sure about this product before writing my review. I have had the starter kit for 3 weeks now and I really like the whole kit.i only ever used disposal razors and this feels so much better on my skin. The brush did loose a few hairs on the first few uses but is fine now. The cream lathers well and smells great. The razor felt heavy and a bit scary at first but now I find it has a nice weight to it. I find it's a nice close shave. I would definitely recommend this product to others.

    oskar szarowicz


    really great product, just had my first shave with it and its the smoothest most comfrotable shave ive ever had! no razor burn or irritation. wish i got this sooner thanks guys!

    Ian W.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    Primal Shave Starter Kit

    I have been using the kit for about a week now and I couldnt be more happy.. 1st time I have used a safety razor for years,, lovely close shave and no iritation..

    Liam W.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    Good quality

    Very happy with the kit, good quality robust products. I would recommend it.

    Tom Ireland

    Starter Kit

    I initially started looking at shaving alternatives to see if there was a way I could eliminate the plastic wastage of disposable razors, I was thrilled to find this starter pack does this very well. The packaging is super-minimal using primarily cardboard with paper shavings to protect the items. The brush and shaving cream do come in plastic packaging but these would be items that would be bought least frequently, plus the plastic is totally recyclable from what I can gather. Not to mention the razor is long-lasting and the blades too are recyclable. In terms of the razor itself, I can't fault it, installing the blade is so easy that it's almost common sense. Shaving with this razor is easily one the closest shaves I've ever had. I was left with no razor burn or any cuts or scrapes. Personally, I could take or leave the shaving cream, it is quite strongly perfumed (eucalyptus) and did sting a little for me. However, I do have very sensitive skin so I can't blame the product, though, this is obviously something to consider if you have similarly sensitive skin. In summary, this is a very high-quality starter kit for an excellent price.

    United Kingdom

    Starter Kit

    I have used the razor but not the shaving cream. The razor is well balanced and you know that you have a robust item in your hand. The quality of the shave is very good. I normally use a butterfly safety razor which is better for those with arthritis so I hope that a similar item will be produced by this firm. I would give the starter kit as a gift and I know it would be well received.