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The burnished glint of a wristwatch. The warm amber of an old whisky. The strong, subtle line of a fountain pen.

Some things are timeless. Some things aren’t meant to be thrown away.

Your grandfather knew how to shave. He’d lather up over a ceramic sink on a crisp winter morning, shirtsleeves rolled up, a dark mug of tea on the side. Maybe he’d heat a jug of water on the stove, mirror in his left hand as he brought his razor along the jawline with his right. Your grandfather knew how to handle his steel.

You’re every inch the man he was, and then some. But sometimes the old ways are best.

We were established to help you discover why generations have relied on the simple elegance of a traditional shave. Join a century of soldiers, artists, entrepreneurs, explorers – men of conviction, talent and passion – and bring a quiet art into a new millennium.