50 Shark Super Chrome Double-Edge Safety Razor Blades
Shark Super Chrome DE Safety Razor Blades
Shark Super Chrome Safety Razor Blades

Shark Super Chrome Safety Razor Blades

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Shark Super Chrome Razor Blades get the job done.

  • Chrome coating gives a brilliant smooth and comfortable shave
  • Razor sharp, producing a close, clean shave without irritation
  • Great value

Regular multi-blade razors can pull hairs and cause razor burn. Our single, sharp steel blade helps prevent irritation, even on sensitive skin.

Our blades are significantly more economical than regular razor cartridges and they're plastic-free, helping reduce single-use plastic waste.

How long will they last?

We recommend changing your blade every week.

Age restricted product - It's illegal for under 18's in the UK to purchase razor blades. By purchasing this product, you are confirming that you're aged 18 or above.

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